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  • Front Porch Essentials and My Plans for our Own Front Porch.
    In Home Decor
    We moved into our new home a few weeks before fall started last year and with the unpacking and winter, I really haven’t touched our porch much at all. Now that the warmer weather is here [read more…]
  • Favourite Pool Floats of 2020
    In Home Decor
    This is our first full summer with a pool. I have always dreamed of owning a pool and it was a must have when we were house hunting last year. As you can imagine, I have spent an exorbitant amount of [read more…]
  • Ultimate Throw Pillow Round Up!
    In Home Decor
    I love changing out the throw pillows throughout my home. They are such an easy way to transform and change up a space. I love to bring in more moody and darker coloured ones in the fall (see that [read more…]
  • Let’s Talk Organizing!
    In Home Decor
    I have always loved organization and my husband will attest to me loving things always being in their proper places (as much as it annoys him haha). But since we’ve been home so much lately [read more…]
  • Easter Brunch at Home
    In Home Decor
    Easter is going to look very different this year for all of us. Instead of a big family gathering and a huge dinner, it will be just the 5 of us this year sitting down for a nice Easter brunch. [read more…]
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