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  • How the kids feel about the move and 5 things we’re doing to help with the transition.
    In Lifestyle & Family
    Moving can be hard on kids, especially when they also have to move schools which is the case for mine.  Though we’re not moving far at all, its still a big change for all of us.  Although the [read more…]
  • So… We’re Moving!
    In Home Decor
    If you follow me on Instagram then you probably already know that we’re moving! We’d been looking for a new home for about 9 months and hadn’t found anything that felt like [read more…]
  • Wallpaper and a New Light – An Update on Our Laundry Room Makeover
    In Home Decor
    I didn’t start out wanting to redo my entire laundry room.  I merely wanted to add some cabinets so that I had some additional storage but I literally can’t just do one thing in a room! [read more…]
  • An Elegant Yet Modern Thanksgiving Tablescape
    In Home Decor
    It was Thanksgiving in Canada last weekend and we were lucky enough to host our family dinner this year.   I really love Thanksgiving:, the food, the family, the reminder to be grateful for [read more…]
  • Five Favourites for your Friday
    In Home Decor
    This weeks favourites are full of my favourite things: white, black and light wood.  There’s also little touches of fall as well because even though its been crazy hot this week, I find myself [read more…]
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