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  • Beautiful Coffee Table Books
    In Home Decor
    I have a bit of an addiction to coffee table books. I love having stacks of them all around my house. I tend to gravitate to neutral coloured ones (surprise right?!) but I also love some with [read more…]
  • Favourite Home Decor Accessories
    In Home Decor
    Small home accessories are some of my favourite items to shop for and purchase. They’re great because they are small but often have big impact. They can easily be moved around your house and [read more…]
  • Linen Closet Reveal
    In Home Decor
    I’m so excited to share our newly updated linen closet with you! I wanted a project that would be quick and fun while we are staying at home and this was the perfect one. I absolutely love how [read more…]
  • Front Porch Essentials and My Plans for our Own Front Porch.
    In Home Decor
    We moved into our new home a few weeks before fall started last year and with the unpacking and winter, I really haven’t touched our porch much at all. Now that the warmer weather is here [read more…]
  • Favourite Pool Floats of 2020
    In Home Decor
    This is our first full summer with a pool. I have always dreamed of owning a pool and it was a must have when we were house hunting last year. As you can imagine, I have spent an exorbitant amount of [read more…]
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